Windmill Restoration August 2007

New Oak windows were made by a local joiner, Lyndon Hawkins. The windows fitted perfectly, but no such luck with the glass. Phil the carpenter will have to learn how to read the drawings properly!

One of the planning stipulations stated that the tower must be lime rendered with materials to match the original. A sample of the original render was sent to Ty-Mawr Lime so a match could be blended complete with Horse hair. As the weather forecast was good John Edwards and his team were eager to get the tower rendered from the top down to balcony level. This was subsequently achieved without any difficulty.

It will be 2008 before the cap is made, therefore we decided to fabricate a temporary roof to keep out the elements during the winter months. This has been fitted, complete with a Skull & Cross bones flag now flying high above the Monmouthshire countryside.