Windmill Restoration March 2008

Internal partitions have now been constructed to form six double bedrooms, three of which have on-suite shower rooms and one with an on-suite ‘wet room’.

All of these will keep Gareth tiling for a good few weeks. The lead flat roof and valley have now been laid to the drying store and it looks really good.
Mark has started plastering inside which is a really slow process.

The first two coats comprise of a 3 to 1 mix of QV blended sand & hydraulic lime (NHL) with the addition of synthetic hair. The final coat is a traditional fat lime finish.

The new partitions, which have been plaster boarded, have had a coat of Carlite bonding to give the same appearance as fat lime.

An axle was bolted onto the cap frame so that it could be towed to site ready for a trial lift.