Windmill Restoration June 2008

Bob was busy with the windshaft, which was fabricated from circular hollow section, 4500m long x 272mm diameter x 12mm thick. The cross on the front of the windshaft is 2000mm wide x 20mm thick; this along with the locating spigots will hopefully hold the sails securely in place.

A local company, Freemont Baxter, who specializes in fiberglass products, was commissioned to make the outer skin of the cap. This consists of 16 identical segments cast in a mould, with the door and windshaft aperture being formed later.

Dave and Mark were busy with the services. Gas and electric are finally in the mill, so we can now, at long last, work without the generator. The second fix for the electrics, plumbing and carpentry are well underway and it wasn’t long before the en-suite rooms were finished too.